Monday, February 27


what's that??
that's a new program in indonesian tv :p kkkk~
ofc not. hellodlly is a title for my drama. our drama.

for UPRAK, the teachers gave us an assignment to make a drama.
really. it's really fun, yet tirring. but i'm happy!!!

i have a great team! all of they are my best friends!! *hugs*
nella, nancy, vinny, momon, elisa, ben, ken, jojo, ngu! you're FANTASTIC!!!
i miss hellodolly team now. :(

ok. the drama is about the girl who have a perfect life, smart, pretty, have a basketball's captain as a boyfriend etc. but one thing that make her very stressful, her parents., her parents always in an argue everytime, everywhere, and everyday. she can't bear with it, so she left her house with her bf. who knows, her boyfriend sell her to a panderer!! and from that time her life has changed.

what do you think guys about the story?? maybe it seems so dramatical ==' but it's not the problem.

i'll give the photos about hellodolly and togetherness that we have. :)

let's see!
Nancy and Me

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